Grangeville Idaho Community Guide

Grangeville Idaho is the County Seat of Idaho County and dwells between the foothills of the Bitterroot Mountain Range & the Camas Prairie of Central Idaho. Come play in our Mammoth playground!

If you're looking in Grangeville Idaho for community information, a market report with demographics and local real estate listings, you'll get a good start right here:

As the county seat of Idaho County,  Grangeville ID is an important economic center for all of the communities and towns throughout this huge county that stretches from Oregon and Washington States on the west side – all the way to the eastern border of the great state of Montana.   For more information about the businesses that exist in our region please visit and subscribe to a future development that will focus on businesses, clubs, organizations, non-profits and more at  All listings will be free to any organization with an Idaho County address.  

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