Idaho County Hunting Property

Idaho Bull Elk Hunting -  Real Estate for Hunting propertiesHunting season is just around the corner when hunters start to think about the where, the when, the how of fall hunting season, but the ulterior motives vary from hunter to hunter.

Some hunters simply want  to ensure that their family’s vital meat supply is replenished for the year.  Others are intent on fulfilling a passion to selectively hunt for the largest trophy possible.

Where to go?

Idaho and Lewis Counties offer plenty of opportunities to hunt in the expansive National Forest areas that provide fun and recreation, whether you’re interested in hunting the region of Grangeville, White Bird, Kooskia, Harpster and Elk City and Dixie Idaho, or further north

Some hunters stop and ask farmers or large land owners if they can hunt on the private property in the location that is preferable.   Some private land owners will allow hunting and others mark their property with the classic “no trespassing or hunting” orange on fence posts and trees to articulate the fact that hunting on their private land is prohibited.  You’ve got to respect that.

Not much private hunting ground is available for lease but those opportunities do exist.

Of course outfitters galore are available in the region of Idaho County to hire for the guidance and the labor involved to setup base camp, spike camp and put the grub on the table while you’re out seeking your trophy elk, deer or predator in the outfitters permit area or assigned unit.   This can be a expensive endeavor depending on number of days and nights and the skill and popularity of the outfitter you select.

But what about purchasing your own private hunting ground?   Selecting a large tract of land for hunting that is also bordered by federal or state land is a bonus and expands the acres available for hunting.

Central Idaho Properties offers a healthy selection of vacant land or property with a cabin or residence, some bordering state or federal land, perfect for hunters.   If you enjoy hunting predators such as bear and cougar (mountain lion), you will want to select land that includes some variations in the topography of the land such as steep rocky canyons with trees.   For deer and elk, farm ground often attracts the trophy game when they wander through the fields enjoying leftover grain from wheat harvest, or timothy hay and edible plants and grass.

Below you’ll find a focused selection of potential hunting ground available for sale in the area of Idaho and Lewis Counties that hunters might like to review and arrange to see.   Contact any one of our friendly agents at Central Idaho Properties to learn more about any one of these properties that may fit your vision of private hunting ground and an asset that many consider as a good investment for the future.