Flying Old Glory

Flying Old Glory is on the wish list for many patriots who want to show their patriotism when buying a new home.

On our way to town, my husband and I drive by a newer homestead where the home owner has continued to make beautiful improvements, including a brand new permanent flag pole.   Ooh, looks nice!  And it looks expensive.  He had to hire men to install his deluxe flagpole and word is it cost well over $2000.  

We don’t want to break the bank, but a nice quality product must exist in the world – a sturdy flagpole that will withstand stiff winds and unforeseen weather conditions ~ AND ~ one that can be removed for the harsh winter season.   We’ve been looking for years for an affordable flag pole and finally locked on to one that a nearby neighbor had erected in her yard.  


An American Flag wafting in the breeze of our homestead instills a sense of pride and patriotism in our hearts – no matter what ‘sense’ we get from politicos in Washington DC.

Flying “Old Glory” on our own turf is a privilege, almost a sense of duty,  especially when we think of family or friends who are serving or have served in military ranks throughout the world.  We fly the flag for them, in honor of their bravery, and for the soil we stand on ~ in wait for their safe return.  We also erect flags to commemorate a loved one or a friend who did not return home on two feet, or even one.

Whatever your reasons for flying the American Flag – the intent of this article is to highlight a product that seems above and beyond .

It’s called the Titan Telescoping Flagpole and this particular product is made right here in Idaho by Pacific Flag and Pole, Meridian, ID.   Phone:  208-895-0463

I’ve included the How To’s and Installation flyer that came with the package here. (*pdf)

This flag pole is priced NICE, is of high quality materials, and even includes a durable 4′ x 6′ American flag, as well as 2 extra clips for a secondary flag you may want to fly with Old Glory.

The Titan Telescoping Flagpole comes with a ton of options to choose from:

Select from a 15′ or 20′ pole in Silver, Bronze or White.   We picked silver and 20′, although the 15′ would probably have been suitable, and would have saved us a little bit more.

Another item to choose from is the dome or ball atop the pole or you might even select the Natural Eagle shape.   The Titan Flagpole offers an optional Solar Light at the top if you want to spend a few extra bucks.  We chose the larger diameter Gold Ball.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask if there are any specials going on, and at the time, they were offering free shipping, so we ordered.   The total for our Titan Telescoping Flagpole was slightly under $300.   If you’ve ever shopped for quality flagpoles, you’ll know that is a very affordable price – whereas some flagpoles that will last, are priced well into the $1000 dollar range or more.

What makes the Titan even better is the installation.  It was easy to install, and we can lower it to a 6 foot height when not in use.  In the winter, we’ll remove the pole entirely, to store it indoors,  and cap the hole for fairer weather to return in the spring.  The only cost, over and above the Titan flag pole kit was 3 bags of concrete ($12) and a small load of gravel we already had.    Our labor was free.  My husband and I spent a little over an hour prepping the hole, mixing the concrete, setting the ground sleeve and checking for plumb with a level.   It was a nice project and we felt great having crossed off this wish list item as a new reality for our property.

Central Idaho Properties, LLC has no affiliation whatsoever with Flagpole Country.   The information is provided to help our neighbors with a good source for a flagpole kit.   

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