Home Inspection Is Critical When Buying Real Estate

You found the perfect home, your offer was accepted by the seller, and now it’s inspection time!

Home inspection is critical during the home buying process, but the home inspector you choose can mean the difference between a dandy service or a disaster waiting to happen.

A certified home inspector is quite skilled at discovering underlying problems with a structure.   Read along as we share important tips on what you should know about the home inspection and the importance of an experienced, certified home inspector.


If at all possible, make sure you are present with the inspector when he or she is scheduled to inspect the house you’ve made an offer on.   Inspectors are great at explaining all of the little features of the house, especially when it comes to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.  Even for minor issues, you can learn a lot about the house you’re buying by following the inspector as he or she conducts the inspection.

In addition to any problems your inspector may discover, he or she will also be able to show you where your water shut off valves are located. Knowing where your shut off valves are located is extremely important in the event that one of your plumbing fixtures, or pipes, suddenly sprouts a leak. For example, if your dishwasher ever decides to start flooding your floor you will know exactly where to go, and what to do, to turn the water off and minimize the water damage.

IM000498If your inspector does find a problem with the home you are buying, they usually have several ideas on how to correct the situation. If there are only a few problems and they are relatively minor, you may elect to correct the problems yourself after you move in. If your inspector finds a major problem, you may need to discuss this at length with your real estate agent. Regardless of whether any items are minor or major, your home inspector will give you a detailed report of all of the problems, and potential problems, that they discovered during the home inspection process.


Any major problems with the home are usually addressed in a repair addendum. The repair addendum is simply a list of defects that were discovered during the inspection process. The addendum is written up by the buyers real estate agent and signed by the buyer. The repair addendum is then delivered to the sellers real estate agent who delivers and discusses the addendum with the seller.

IM001031At this point, the buyer waits for a brief time, usually a day or two, while the seller considers whether to make the requested repairs, refuse to make the requested repairs, or offer money off of the price of the home, if the buyer will accept the house as it is. In many cases, this becomes a pivotal point in the negotiations and determining whether you can come to some type of agreement with the seller regarding any problems you discovered in the house.

Occasionally, a problem with the house may seem overwhelming to both the buyer and the seller.   If no mutually agreeable compromise can be reached, the buyer usually has the option of walking away from the house and ending the contract of sale.   Hopefully, this does not happen to you, but the Home Inspection Report is documented evidence that provides a buyer with the option to walk away and in most cases, being refunded the earnest money.

Buying a house is an exciting adventure and a huge financial investment.  Unless there is some underlying circumstance that prevents it, always take advantage of getting a home inspection for any real estate you are considering buying.  The price of a home inspection is miniscule when compared to the price of a new roof, a fixing a foundation or structural problem, or some other major home repair.

Do yourself a favor, don’t skip the home inspection.

And while you’re at it, protect yourself and your investment by selecting a inspector certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

When you choose ASHI, you’ll be working with professional home inspectors who have passed the most rigorous technical examinations in effect today, including inspectors who are required to perform more than 250 professional inspections before they’re even allowed to call themselves ”certified”.

No other professional society can match the credentials of an ASHI inspector.

Learn more about why you should choose an ASHI Inspector.

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