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Successful real estate investors trust their gut.

If you’re focused on Central Idaho real estate investments, learn to trust your gut!

Do you listen to your gut?  If not, you may need to start tuning into your own gut instincts, so you know what it feels like, especially when you’re considering a hobby or career in real estate investments.

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When the facts and figures support a decision, why do I need gut instinct?

Gut instinct is a sense that we all have the capacity to feel and become intimate with, and is an important “feeling” that some of the most brilliant real estate investors use and rely on, everyday, to finalize decisions about a deal being made.     Over the years, real estate investment professionals have honed their personal sense of gut instincts that holds as a critical component in ability to make good deals.

If you’ve decided that tapping into the real estate market in the area of Central Idaho is a goal that interests you to a point that you feel obsessed with the concept of looking for property deals, you must develop your sense of gut feelings.    There are always going to be deals that look good and some that do not look so good.  But how do you really know?  Get in touch with what YOUR OWN guts are saying, and sometimes that means going against the opinions of everyone around you, because your guts are telling you something different.


Certainly when you are evaluating property to buy, its important to review ALL of the facts and data to pull everything into perspective.   But when doing a deal, your well developed gut instincts have the capacity to shed light on something that exposes a truth like  nothing else can.

So, if you’ve never thought about your guts, and you have no idea how to feel the instinct of your gut reaction to a particular decision or a property that you have identified as a potential investment, start to focus on it.  Make it a goal in your everyday life to develop your gut instincts.

Your gut instinct is a feeling you get that is very subtle.  You might have reviewed everything you can, all the important details, and considered all the comments and opinions of friends and family and everything seems to point to a green light.     You’ve dug a little deeper, done all of your homework, and even go back and you look at the property time and time again.   You think of other questions to ask the real estate listing agent, almost becoming a pest because you’re obsessed.   BUT, something inside you is making you stall.     Even though everything seems so positive about the property, you can’t put your finger on it, but you just can’t quite pull the trigger.   Thats your gut instinct talking you.   There is a silent message that your gut is sending to your brain and is saying, “are you sure about this transaction”? Maybe you need to take another look.


In cases where your instincts are telling you to pace yourself and not jump head first into a property, or you know you’re dragging your feet because something is still bothering you about the deal, your gut instincts are talking to you.     Maybe the timing isn’t right, and the best scenario is going to be – wait it out.    Of course,  if you don’t have good gut instincts, you may lose an opportunity when you stall and someone else’s intent to purchase the same property, steps in front of you and snaps it up.

Perhaps the deal of the century has passed you by, because your gut said, wait, and now the property is in escrow with that other buyer.    But your guts begin keeping you up at night, telling you   that you’ve missing out on a fantastic opportunity, and it’s slipping away.

In those cases, you might decide, because of your gut instincts,  to take a leap of faith.   You listen to your guts and place a backup offer with your real estate agent.    You’ve heard the current buyer might have financing problems and the deal drags on, and the seller is getting antsy.   Your backup offer on the table is less than you would have originally negotiated.  Financing is a piece of cake because you’re calling the shots on the deal if the current buyer fails to meet the terms of her contract.  Your backup offer suddenly becomes the sellers only option and you end up getting the property for much less than you were going to offer in the beginning.

With gut instincts, you use your own decisions and feelings to either move forward, drop the deal, or even wait and often those subtle decisions that just seem right, can become the best transactions EVER!

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Connecting with your gut is not easy, especially if you were not taught that way of thinking when you were a youngster.   Perhaps your lessons in life relied on what “other people” said and so your habits developed to always listen to other people.    Maybe you grew up in a household where thinking for yourself was not celebrated,  and your parents dominated your decision making process so you never learned to develop the gut instincts.   It’s never too late to change your habits, and to learn how to develop your gut instincts.   There are so many resources available online today, to  learn about anything that interests you, without spending a cent.   Just go to and type in:  “How do you develop a gut instinct” and you’ll find scores of articles about how to do just that.


Focus on the way you making shopping decisions, or who you choose for friends and how you perceive trust in products, people or situations.  Familiarize yourself with what YOU think, not what others think.  When you tune into a particular decision, and you learn to trust your own opinions and thoughts,  your guts will begin to tell you a story.    If you just don’t feel it, pickup a book or an audio recording on the topic of gut instincts and begin tuning in.   Don’t give up.   Especially when you’re championing a real estate investment, of course its important not to ever ignore the facts and figures that are important in filtering properties that seem like great investments or not so great.

The most essential component in developing your sense of a gut feeling is to practice mental awareness that helps you to connect your gut to your brain.

When you trust your gut, you gain a strong sense of personal empowerment and levels of confidence that suddenly become one of your best tools  when evaluating the basis for your future real estate investments.


If you’re seeking to get into the real estate investment market in Central Idaho, find an agent to work with that you trust overall and knows the area well.  

Central Idaho Properties welcomes you to stop in to our office, conveniently located just north of the junction at Main and Hwy 95 in Grangeville Idaho.   We’ll match you with one of our trusted agents who will help you to identify properties that would make a great investment and help you to become familiar with the type of property you’re interested in.  

If you’re seeking to purchase a residential property to rent out, you’ll find the rental market in the area is robust.  There aren’t very many rentals available and when they are available, word of mouth spreads quickly throughout the community.  The demand for rentals in this area of Central Idaho is BIG and a real estate investor who possesses adequate skills to remodel and improve a home, fix plumbing problems and add features that increase the value of the property, will do well.  

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